Have you thought about how a dedicated website exclusively to your event can help you with communications and room booking? We have! Let’s review some of the advantages of having a personalized website for your event, such as Customized Group Website from Permalink Business:

1- Save time: quickly inform all participants about the event. If you have all the information on a website, you can save a lot of time in the sharing of information via email. Think of all the time you spend organizing your mailing lists and writing emails for each group, or even for each recipient. And think about the time spent by your attendee to know which email is the most recent with the last updated information. Just by sharing the URL of your customized website they will be able to identify all the information in one click. So make sure that your web address is very visible and accessible to all your recipients!

2- Centralize all the information. There is a lot of important data that you must send to your attendees: schedules, arrival and departure dates, rates and types of rooms, etc. You can advise them of all the details through paper invitations, flyers, signs, emails, social networks … But if you have a website dedicated to your event you can be certain that all attendees can consult the information any day at any time, from any device.

You can also provide extra information that doesn’t fit in other formats, such as more information about the services offered by the hotel, addresses of interest, means of transport, contact telephone numbers, etc.

3- Advise of last minute changes easily. In any event, something may not work out, or there might be last-minute changes. The website can be a very useful tool to communicate schedule adjustments or changes to the planned events. Although, be sure to also communicate any changes through social media, signs or even by email. Any modification to the plans is sensitive information and you must ensure that it reaches all those involved.

4- And with the NH website, you can also book rooms! Without a doubt, reserving rooms is a task that can take a lot of time: negotiating prices informing attendees of the rates and, finally, reserving each room. One of the advantages of using a customized website for groups staying at Permalink Business is that your guests can consult the information about room types, make the reservation and pay for their accommodation at the special rate previously negotiated with the hotel. This way you can remove yourself as the middle man and thus dedicate your time to other key tasks of planning your event.

In short, having a customized website for your event is a wonderful tool that greatly facilitates the work of communication. You’ll ensure that all the information gets to all the attendees, improving your productivity and reducing the number of hours dedicated to sending emails in favor of other organizational tasks.

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